• Drymax Moisture Removal System

    Moisture is the enemy of comfortable, healthy feet, because it creates a host of problems.

    Sweating in hot weather causes blisters and fuels the growth of odour-causing bacteria.  Sweating in cold weather pulls heat away from skin 23 times faster than air.

    Drymax socks keep feet dry because their Moisture Removal System uses two different fibre technologies interwoven into a dual-layer sock.


  • Dual Layer Fibre Technology

    No single fibre technology attracts and repels moisture at the same time.

    Drymax Running socks utilize two different fibre technologies interwoven together. This Dual Layer design creates a self-contained Moisture Removal System keeping feet dry & comfortable in cold, hot and even wet conditions.

    This works more effectively than wicking which retains moisture close to the skin, keeping skin wet.

  • Anti Blister

    Foot blisters are most common on the toes, heel, and ball of the foot.

    Blisters caused by socks usually occur when socks do not fit, their seams irritate the skin, and/or the socks become wet.

    Wet socks soften and weaken the skin, making feet vulnerable to blisters.

    Drymax socks feature technology specifically designed to actively prevent blisters by removing moisture and reducing friction.

  • 3D Advance True Fit

    Drymax socks conform better to the shape of the foot because they were developed on special 3D anatomically shaped foot models.

    Drymax True Fit Sizing includes the length of two shoe sizes, therefore Drymax Socks fit up to three full shoe sizes better than other manufacturers’ socks.

  • Protective Padding

    At Drymax, we don’t make thickly padded socks, because we believe they cause problems unnecessarily.

    Sock thickness directly affects the fit of the shoes, and ultimately the comfort of your feet.

    Drymax Running socks are a High Density protective padded sock. Dense padding is used as opposed to thick padding, because dense padding protects the feet without adversely affecting the fit of the shoes

  • Active Odour Control

    Drymax socks keep feet dry, eliminating the damp environment where bacteria need to grow, die, decay and create odour. 

    To further eliminate odours, we have added an antimicrobial (which we call MicroZap®) into all of our Drymax Socks.


Drymax Maximum Protection Running
A Medium+ Density protective padded sock. Designed for cool to hot conditions. Perfect for marathons and ultra long-distance. Available in mini crew
Drymax Max Cushion Running
Some runners prefer socks with lots of cushioning. We knit all the cushioning we could into our Max Cushion Running. Available in Lilac, Lime & Pink
Drymax Hyper Thin Running
A Low Density protective padded sock. Designed for mild to hot conditions. Available in mini crew, and no show
Drymax Light Mesh Running
A Low Density protective padded sock. Designed for mild to warm conditions. Available in pink, blue & black

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